Daffodil is the “Flower of the Month” for March

Certain blooms are customarily presented to a person on their birthday based on the calendar month in which they were born. Jonquils are the official birth flower for March. It is intriguing to learn more about the history and rituals around the March Birthday Flower, the Jonquil. The history of this custom is shrouded in a great number of tall tales and urban legends. It is generally accepted that birthday parties were first established in the Roman Empire. One may also argue that the roots of birth month blooms, such as the Jonquil (also known as the daffodil or narcissus), can be traced back to this period in history. During Roman birthday festivities, family members and friends wished the birthday celebrant well and provided presents. The presents consisted of jewelry made from precious stones, such as aquamarine, as well as flowers, which represented the beginning of the customs and origins associated with the March blooming flower. The Victorian era was characterized by a strong emphasis on conformity, which contributed to the development of the language of flowers. Experts at flower delivery Kuala Lumpur know that the Victorians were severely constrained by the norms of decorum when it came to expressing their sentiments of love or passion since doing so was believed to be completely unacceptable. The so-called “Language of Flowers” emerged as a result of the practice of associating certain flowers, such as the Jonquil, with particular meanings. The sender of the flowers might then include a secret romantic message in their message. The Jonquil, also known as the daffodil or narcissus, is the flower associated with March. This flower symbolizes companionship and household bliss.

The Victorians placed a lot of importance on the jonquil as their birth flower, and one of its secret messages was “You are an angel.”

People from all around the world mark major occasions or events with presents of flowers that correspond to the recipient’s birth month. Flowers, like the Jonquil (also known as the Daffodil or the Narcissus), are usually presented to commemorate the new birth of a baby, and they are always included within the flower arrangements or a bridal bouquet. In addition, many individuals choose to commemorate noteworthy occasions at various times and seasons of the year, particularly during the holiday seasons, by giving the March Birth Flower, which includes the Jonquil (also known as the Daffodil or Narcissus), such as the Jonquil. The importance of flowers is enhanced when one is aware of the meanings linked with the flowers with which they are related, such as the March Birth Flower. The following are some of the unique occasions at which it would be suitable to present the March Birthday Flower, the Jonquil (also known as the daffodil or narcissus), as a gift:

  • Originally from southern Europe, but now naturalized all over the world, this attractive plant is valued for its fragrant clusters of either yellow or white blooms that form a trumpet-shaped crown.
  • The Jonquil, also known as the Daffodil and the Narcissus, is the flower that represents the month of March.
  • In English, narcissus is more often referred to by their common name, daffodil.
  • Jonquil flowers may be seen from February to May.

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