How to Arrange Your Outdoor Kitchen

Don’t go out to the hardware store before you’ve read our expert advice on creating a top-notch outdoor kitchen. The guidance is useful whether you’re looking for a portable grill and prep area on wheels or a permanent BBQ island with a fridge and bar stools.

A lady is setting the table in an outside kitchen.

One of the best things to do in the summer is to have a BBQ. It’s hard to have a bad time while the grill is going, what with the tantalizing smells of food cooking and the delicious final product. Except, of course, if you’re the host who’s scrambling about the house in a frenzy to find the chicken and steak, the forks and knives, the wine and beer, and the ketchup and mustard. The dishes must be brought back inside the home when the meal is done.

Multiple Outdoor Kitchen Designs

It is possible to have as little as a simple cabinet for storing cooking items, or as much as a fully functional kitchen with a grill, refrigerator, sink, and even a dedicated dining area, in your outdoor living area. Whatever the case may be, constructing an outdoor “room” in your yard will provide you with a beautiful place to host gatherings in the great outdoors. There are three distinct types to examine, and they are as follows:


There is a resourceful answer for small spaces that may be a greenhouse one day and the focal point of a barbecue the next. The first thing you’ll need is a portable charcoal or gas barbecue with grates made of durable cast-iron or stainless steel and an easily cleaned grease trap. Make better use of your limited storage and counter area by bringing in a rolling cart with shelves. Avoid embarrassing guests with uncooked hamburgers by purchasing a clip-on grill light. As the outdoor living store you can have the best choice.


A turnkey option for folks with higher incomes and a greater requirement for living space than is provided by a regular apartment. Below is an example of a popular standard arrangement, which includes a 5-foot stucco-clad island with a tile counter, a drop-in gas grill, and doors for accessing a propane tank. Upgrades, such as granite counters, a fridge, and LED lighting, may be purchased independently. DIYers may begin making meals on a prefabricated island the day it is delivered.


The materials and layout of a built-in-place kitchen may be customised to perfectly complement its setting. These kitchens may be built either by a contractor or by a capable homeowner. They have built-in appliances, cabinets, and counters. A broader layout, complete lighting, in-ground utilities, and a roof in the style of a pergola all contribute to a higher price tag, but they also boost convenience.

Should you get a licence?

Prefabricated grill islands may not be necessary in certain areas. Choose instead a portable cooking unit consisting of a grill on wheels, a cart, and an extra-long power cord to use in the great outdoors. This will take away any doubt and guarantee that your effort will not lead to a rise in taxes.