Your Ultimate Guide for Shipping Cranes in the US

If you are planning to ship a crane, one best option available is hiring crane shipping services. Remember that, shipping a crane is not really easy. The main problem with crane shipping is, if anything goes wrong during the shipment, it can lead to a lawsuit. If at all an accident takes place due to the defective parts of the crane, both the parties, who are involved in the accident can be asked to pay a fine from their respective insurance firms.

For shipping cranes, specialized equipment is required. Otherwise, everything would get messed up. For shipping cranes, you must choose only trustworthy and experienced shipping companies. Experience especially matters when it comes to crane shipping. Conduct proper research on different crane shipping companies in your location properly before hiring. 

Choose a reputed and experienced crane shipping firm like Ship a Car, Inc. always. One good thing about this firm is, their staff are well trained and experienced, which means you need not have to worry about anything upon booking their services. They will also deliver your crane on time at the delivery location without fail. You can look at their client reviews online, and you will understand how reliable their services are. Go here to book their services. 

Before booking, choose whichever shipping option looks appropriate for your crane. Choose the shipping type keeping your crane type in view. If you do not have any idea about it, you can always take suggestions from the shipping company. An experienced shipping company will be able to suggest you the best option.

Let’s discuss some of the different types of cranes here. 

  • Mobile Cranes: These mobile cranes are generally used for construction work. Besides, they can be modified to drive on tractors. To enable lifting and decrease as needed, the lifting arm is typically articulated.
  • Tower Cranes: This type of crane is commonly used in the construction fields where the construction of big buildings takes place. Tower cranes are constructed alongside buildings because of their scale. They can lift heavy materials easily.
  • Overhead Crane: These cranes are often referred to as suspended cranes. Some of them can raise heavy weights, and they are typically utilized in factories.
  • Bridge Crane: This type of crane is commonly used in industrial settings. Jib cranes and Gantry cranes are the popular types of bridge cranes. 

Remember, the shipping company which you are planning to hire must have a customer support team. If you hire a company that doesn’t have a customer support team in place, it can become hard for you to contact, them whenever you require their help. Choose a company that has a support team to assist online and on calls. 

Another important thing that you must look for when choosing a shipping company is the live track option. Most reputed shipping companies are providing this option to their clients nowadays. By using this option, you can know the live status of the crane or whichever vehicle you are planning to ship to your location.