Steps to undertake when finding and repairing plumbing issues in your house

As modern architecture is on a rise, the buildings that are constructed nowadays have their plumbing pipes under the walls for aesthetic purposes or simply to make the walls appear smoother. Due to this, it is very difficult to find the source in case of a leak.  In this article, you will find the steps you can follow to assess, inspect, and repair your plumbing in case of a leak.

Finding the leak 

The first step in case of a leak is to find the actual leak. Because of outer plumbing pipes, it was easier to find plumbing issues in earlier construction. Modern houses have a concealed plumbing system which makes it very difficult as compared to external channels. While assessing, you could look for some signs like:

  • Peeling or blistering of the wallpapers.
  • A musty smell or wet areas that are supposed to be dry
  • Rise in the water bill without any significant excessive usage.
  • Evidence of black molds or spots.

With that being taken care of, you can further follow standard assessment steps. These steps include:

  1. Turning off the water supply of the house.
  2. Lookout for walls that have wet spots.
  3. Feel the wall. If it feels spongy, the leak is beneath it.

Inspecting the leak.

In case of a leak, it is best to call professionals. Call a plumbing facility and schedule an inspection appointment. Plumbing companies use mainly two methods for inspection in case of a leak to pinpoint and repair it afterward. Plumbing companies use pressure tests and a camera inspection to find the exact location of the leak.

A pressure test is conducted by turning off the water supply and connecting a hose to it, which supplies air. The air is set to be on a specific PSI. If the pipes can’t hold it, the leak is confirmed.

A camera inspection is conducted afterward, sending a camera into the pipelines, which displays the insides on an LCD screen. The leak source is found by looking out for heavy corrosion or breaks.

Repairing the leak

In case of a leak, the pipeline needs repairing. The faulty pipe, valve or other equipment must be removed and replaced. There is a common complaint out there that plumbing issues keep arising repeatedly. The cause of this can be poor repairs or plumbing equipment. You can contact a reputed plumbing company to repair the leak and fix the problem. They have skilled technicians who can fix the problem accurately, and the equipment they recommend is of the best quality.


Following the steps mentioned above, you can assess, inspect and repair a plumbing issue in your house or any building. It is always wise to contact professionals in case of a leak. Plumbing issues should be fixed as soon as possible because negligence can make them worse and more expensive to mend.